Thursday, May 13, 2010


Finally i realized that day can't be cloudy everytime or every hours
sometimes sun shine brightly
so u won't felt gloomy everyday..
there's a sweetness inside the bitterness
I'm bit happy coz i found someone i am missing off
I'm doubled happy coz my SAYANG offered me a cup of coffee
How sweet he is
Really sweet..and finally i said SAYANG to him
(mcm GATAL MERHELA kan? ni ckp org utara..don't know how to spell it correctly)

it is just a moment by my heart smile a lot
can heart smile huh?

btw my SAYANG is Fahrin Ahmad k :P

The time u decided to let him go..but something happen that can't make u do ur decision
SO would u change or proceed with what have u decided???
Try to push out the feeling but it come nearer to u...

OMG..i like him back!!!

p/s = picca xd kne mengena dgn content mahu pon tajuk ok :P


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~cinderella~ said...

i am wondering who is ur sayang actually.. =p