Friday, June 11, 2010


ok ni utk Mr B,
may our live full in LOVE

~love is in the air~

today is FRIDAY
remember ok!
what day is today?

these statement nothing gonna do with all of u
only me...n
only me need to realize and alert what day is today

I only have started 2 weeks of work
but my mind is lost
now i realize i more like student's life rather than hectic workforce
such a sudden i think i want to further study
but how to?

OMG can't spend my time blogging too much
i need to work la

boleh x i lupe arini ari ape??
ee boleh x?

company ikut style omputih ni bley plak pkai jeans p keje kn
tu pon ari jumaat je
mcm x phm 
siyes x phm
huhu..ikut org brt
mcm x caye
da la GLC lak tu

oleh sbb i igt arini ari kames
makanye i pkai je bju kurung
then kne tegur

weh! ari jumaat bley pkai jeans la
tau..sje je..tkut  lg nk pkai jeans
(i bley plak kn cover2 malu..senanye lupe arini ari jumaat..kdg2 rase b'salah plk nk pkai jeans p keje..mcm xseswai...woohh ayt i ke ni? tu la da msuk GEMS sume pon cm nk formal je
smp kne pkai smart casual pn da kekok..wakakakaka)

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