Tuesday, June 8, 2010

T'igt dulu

ni sume picca2 mse hgout kt SG. Petani
actlly ktrg g umah Jijah..sbb abg die kwen
so pastu g mlepak tmpt len
1st pic tu 1st time g JJ Perda

i mish this time la
xya pk keje
xya pk nk crik duet
besh je
student life yg agak enjoyable

skg da kne ngadap pc
n memikirkn mse hdpn yg blom pasti

to Ayu,
juz pretend that u r strong enough to face the fact
sometime we don't like it but actually that is the best for us
I just can console u with all these words
but u need to decide it for ur own
anyway juz enjoy urself there k
Lets pray 4 our future undertaking
Moga2 doa dimakbulkan ok :)
stay happy go lucky dear
coz sad face not suite u dear

u need to smile like this babe :)

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