Thursday, June 24, 2010


Such a sudden i remember someone said like this

"my dad is a bad man"
not BATMAN..but BAD man

and I said
" I understand"

why he said like that because his mom suffered a lot
and as a result maybe he hates his father.

but today i coincidently read about this


Hurairah r.a, sabda Rasulullah s.a.w, maksudnya:“Janganlah kamu

membenci bapa-bapa kalian. Sesiapa yang membenci bapanya bererti ia

kafir.” (Riwayat Muslim)
but i know his situation why he feels like that towards his father. Can't blame himself.
Happy belated Fathers DAY..
eventhough it already past
still want to wish to my dad
Happy Fathers Day
U r d great!
I LOVE u so much
I'm so thankful that u r my dad
MY best dad ever
No1 can replace u
Thank You for being nice to me.

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