Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm not waiting and i'm not hoping
 i just waiting and not hoping
 i'm hoping but not waiting
Actually i'm hoping and waiting.

i know it's not ur matters
plz don't show tht u r the only 1 who is busy with ur jobs
i am so annoyed with u
when u come, u did the ridiculous sound
i don't know y maybe u want to get attention
or want every1 know u come in
stop d cough n d loud sound la
mcm ****
since u said tht u don't hve anything 2 do with me
i'm starting to hate u
who cares who r u
n do u think i care?
u can put urself in the dustbin and told some1 to throw u away
can also throw u in the river
so that i'm satisfied ok

juz kidding
nothing gonna do with me
i'm just annoyed
thats it.

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