Sunday, September 5, 2010


SUNDAY-Sept 5, 2010 it's been a bored day today. don't know what to do but actually my friend did invite me to go out with them, but i don't really want to go out. My money for sure will finish easily if i go out with them.So morning i wasted my time with sleeping, because yesterday i did sleep late at night. In fact i slept at 3-4 am. I'm not so sure but certainly at that kind range of time. I have no shoes for raye also tudung for raya. I might be using the old stuff of mine for this becoming raye. I'm so stingy! Don't even to buy new one for myself. It's bit tough n hard to live at KL with minimum amount of allowance. My budget and savings are not so much for that only for shopping unnecessary things. I should stop spending money for useless stuff. But actually, the real fact is i really want to buy a wedges for this upcoming special day i mean raya day la. i'm hoping to get it but if i don't have it now i will buy it later. it's not only for raya right?.
weekend? what to do huh? blogging is the right things to do if ....erk.. i have forgotten..i need to prepare for this tuesday..sorry dear, i'll get back to u after i done studying :p

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