Thursday, September 16, 2010

not feeling well

i'm not feeling well
running nose again
kepale mcm keTING keTONG da
lately can't stand to stay up until 2-3am
even worse only can stand until 12
AIYOH! even 10 da kiong2 and    
lappy till on until 5-6am but actually  
the girl in front of d lappy is having a nice dream sleeping 
w/out  pillow and comforter
didn't plan to sleep but coincidentally sleeping until Subuh
wanted to update but rarely best stories to tell
poor B
don't know what to update
a single word lost 
coz having not so well condition
and also bb didn't give  fully co-operation
always DC  such a sudden n ikt skati die
poor network here 

it's more about jealousy but nonchalant
so confused but i know there's something behind that we don't know yet
there'll be something unexpectedness and explicitly can't be understand by people out there

Get rid of me coz i might hurting you
it's true if it's not you that i mean
please go away!

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