Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Adolescence is just a mess!
I'm getting to far from HIM.
I don't know what i should do from now on.
I want to be a good girl. Be success in whatever i do.
Do there is a time for me. Can i achieve my goals and my target. Is there any space for me to repent.
i know someday i would left from this beautiful world.
but do i fully preparing myself to face it. Do i know when the right time is? I don't know, and i should care. i'm hoping to guide myself as what i know and learn before and hoping someone can guide me too. People do change and so do i. Sometimes i want happiness but sometimes happiness doesn't remain by my side. sometimes what actually we want are not meant for us. SO let appreciate whatever we have now otherwise we will regret it later. It's so hard to be me but i know the hardness is a way to learn and whereas maturity begun.
One of my neighbor passed away yesterday. Let's recite Al-Fatihah to her. Let her rest in peace.

My mom bit surprised coz i attended the funeral ceremony.
She said that "mak x sangko ko datang, x b'suruh pn datang"
then i replied " da bosa mak, xkan nak b'suruh br nk datang, pandailah pikir"

ermm it is proven that my behavior like a lil child . But i think i'm adult already but absolutely differ from what my mom expect me to be.

Mak saya kata tak suka jangan layan
Kawan saya kata saya ni memilih
Saya kata saya tak tahu lah!

saya rasa saya ni bermasalah lah
lebih baek kamu jauhkan diri dari saya sekarang
kalau tidak kamu mungkin bermasalah semacam saya juga!

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