Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My G

it's been 8 years pass by
days come n go
but he still
his love remain
only for her
even he knew that she had no longer here
no more accompany him
wherever he go
whatever he do
she left him
left him all alone
but the loneliness doesn't make sense
because she left him with their child
she never left him alone even the real fact is
she already left us
but i respect the true love of him
he still can stand to be a men without a women
no one can be like that
he is
only he is
he is my Grandpa
i know he misses her too much
too much that can't be count off
the strength and the eyes
can't lied to us
once a year
he did the effort to clean up her place
it's show his love never be changed
even time can't change it
only ALLAH know
the truth is.

i never met a men just like him
i mean his love only for one
but i do met people who can
gives their love to everyone
do it count as a pure love?
u can like many people but
u can only love one
once u said u love her
u must and only love her
no matter what happen to her
u will be by her side
u can't left her
u can't hurt her
that's the truth love is
her word might harsh
her attitude might rude
but u can accept her the way she is
if u really love her.
but now
u said u love me
u left me
u r too cruel
u r too much
i can't stand to see u
it's just that
i know that previously
u just play with my heart
i don't want to hate u
but u did everything that make me
change my mind
i said i hate u
deep inside my heart
i know

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