Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pets of mine

just want to introduce my mom's pet here
cute huh?
i don't really like cats,
but now i think i change my mind
i'm starting liking it so much
one of my friend said
and advise me to take care of any pets
so now i got 1 fish
actually 6 previously but another 5 dead 
maybe i don't know how to take care of it
so they gone
i'm hoping for the only fish that i have
hoping that it lives longer that what i expected.
i already bought new house for my fish
quite cute n of coz i like it
but unfortunately only 1 fish alive
another 5 didn't have the opportunity to live in that new 'house'
pity on them
actually i'm bit sad
i cried bcoz i think that i do not have the ability to have and taking
care of a pet
at least 1 accompany me until now
i'm hoping that it will be lasting

i have no pic of my fish
i'll upload later if i have one
u can c d pic of d owner of d pets k :P
i'm getting too much syndrome of Laziness
plz get off LAZY-BONE!

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Nona*maNis said...

ingatkan duta LV tadi..hehhe